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  • In 2003, we released our first data recovery product - EaseUS Partition Table Doctor for Dos, a tool that automatically diagnoses and remedies drive errors without involving hardware failures, effectively repairing Master Boot Record, partition table, and boot sector problems.

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  • In 2004, the company was formally established, bringing together several passionate IT enthusiasts who shared a common vision to delve into researching an array of scenarios involving data loss and their corresponding solutions.

    EaseUS Data Recovery Solutions >>
  • During the year 2005, we expanded Partition Table Doctor's compatibility to include Windows systems and concurrently launched a comprehensive data recovery software - EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard, transcending limitations in partition recovery scenarios.

    EaseUS Partition Management Solutions >>
  • In 2006, we established the EaseUS Research and Development Center, maintaining a strong focus on product technology and R&D investment. In the same year, we launched EaseUS Partition Master, which assists users in managing their data storage methods and has proven particularly valuable in instances of data loss or system crashes.

    EaseUS Partition Management Solutions >>
  • In 2007, we garnered recognition within the professional domain, which imbued us with considerable confidence to continue exploring in the software field.

    EaseUS Data Recovery Solutions >>
  • In 2008, we allocated a portion of our profits to donate to the victims of the Sichuan Wenchuan earthquake, while also weathering the global financial crisis.

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  • In 2009, we released EaseUS Todo Backup. Over the years of helping users recover lost data, we believe that the fundamental solution to data loss is to raise everyone's awareness of data protection. We aspired to introduce a user-friendly and straightforward data backup tool, aiming to alleviate the pain of data loss for people.

    EaseUS Data Backup Solutions >>
  • In 2010, we further garnered industry recognition, with the user base of our partition software exceeding 10,000,000, and an increasing number of people became familiar with our software and brand name.

    EaseUS on Trustpilot >>
  • In 2011, we upgraded our backup software. It expanded from initially providing personal backup solutions to being capable of delivering enterprise-level data backup solutions.

    EaseUS Data Backup for Business >>
  • In 2012, we continued to invest in the upgrade of our backup software, making continuous iterations to the product's functionality and user experience based on customer feedback.

    EaseUS Data Backup Solutions >>
  • In 2013, our research and development focus began to branch out into the use of Apple devices, and we released our first software for music transfer between iPhone, iPod, and iPad devices.

    EaseUS iOS Solutions >>
  • In 2014, Microsoft has ceased technical support for the Windows XP operating system. we released EaseUS Todo PCTrans for PC users to migrate data from old devices to new ones. In the same year, we carried out major version upgrades for our partition software and Windows data recovery tools, with the data recovery software beginning to support Android devices.

    EaseUS Data Transfer Solutions >>
  • In 2015, we continued to upgrade the functionality of our data recovery software, and at the same time, we released a version of the data recovery software that supports Mac.

    EaseUS Mac Data Recovery >>
  • In 2016, while continuously iterating on our products, we also allocated a portion of our profits to support a broader range of fields and those in need.

    EaseUS Data Recovery Solutions >>
  • In 2017, EaseUS sponsored the Polish School Offline Computer Contest in April, and in August, was recognized as a "Key Software Enterprise Covered by the National Planning Layout Scheme" by the Economic and Information Commission.

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  • In 2018, our team welcomed additional global partners from various countries including the United States, France, Russia, Japan, the Netherlands, South Korea, and Arabic-speaking nations. Besides iterating on our technology, we also aimed to provide a better user experience for customers worldwide.

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  • By 2019, we had released over 300 product upgrade versions. We couldn't help but applaud ourselves for the achievement.

    EaseUS Data Recovery Solutions >>
  • As an exclusive technology provider for data recovery from Macs equipped with T2 chips, our company has established a unique position in the market, catering to the specific needs of users with these advanced security features.

    EaseUS Mac Data Recovery >>
  • In 2021, our technology for partition software had become quite mature. During this year, in order to provide a more convenient user experience, we released the smart partition adjustment feature.

    EaseUS Partition Management Solutions >>
  • By 2022 We have released a series of multimedia software, including video editor, screen recorder, and video converter. We are continuously exploring.

    EaseUS Multimedia Solutions >>
  • In the vibrant new era of 2023, we have taken solid steps towards an even more brilliant future. Our company has fully upgraded its office environment, relocating to a Grade-A office building in the heart of the city's central business district. This strategic move not only signifies our commitment to excellence but also symbolizes our relentless pursuit of innovation and distinction.


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  • EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Pro is one of the most powerful file recovery programs we’ve used. It’s backed by highly advanced features, a great user interface, and a fast deep scan tool, among other things. -Daniel Blechynden
  • If Disk Management can't shrink the partition as far as you want it to,it's time to go with a third-party program. I recommend EaseUS Partition Master Free. It's simple and, as the name implies, free. And it can shrink your partition until there's almost no empty room. -Lincoln Spector
  • With EaseUS Todo Backup you can protect your files in an easy and effective way. EaseUS Todo Backup helps you create a full backup copy of your system, including not only your personal files but also the operating system, user settings, and applications. -softonic.com Staff
  • EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free mixes up a user-friendly approach with a handy suite of features in order to help you recover files that you have accidentally deleted from your computer. -Ana Marculescu
  • The restore function in EaseUS Todo Backup offers the easiest way to retrieve backed up files by mounting the backup image as a virtual hard drive. -Tim Fisher
  • We're big fans of Recuva, which has both free and pro versions, but you should also consider EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard (2GB limit for the free version). You can also get a free version of EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard for the Mac—same 2GB limit as before, unless you pay up. -Adam Pash & David Murphy
  • In actual use, EaseUS Partition Master Free Edition proved equal or superior to other freeware disk management utilities and quite a few premium ones, too. -Download.com Staff

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