New Funding Source For Veteran Entrepreneurs

Looking for Capital?  Try looking into VBF financing.


Financing is often a barrier to potential veteran business owners and now there is a loan fund that could help them overcome it.The Veterans Business Fund is a New York-based nonprofit organization that provides the supplemental capital needed to satisfy the equity requirements for obtaining a small business loan. The VBF provides capital to veterans in the form of a non-interest bearing loan with very favorable repayment terms.The VBF was established to help veteran entrepreneurs get equity financing to start a franchise or another type of independent small business. Veterans who have been previously denied bank financing because of insufficient equity capital are encouraged to apply for VBF financing. Getting a small business bank loan is particularly challenging for veterans, who are less likely than others to have access to capital in the form of home equity, investments or a 401k that they have been funding for years.

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