A rip-off directory

The e-mail came just like so many offering to help Vet Owned Businesses:

I understand that (insert your business name here) is owned or operated by a U.S. Veteran. With this in mind, I am writing from to let you know about the unique Veterans Business Directory comprised of Veteran-owned &
operated businesses nationwide.

Our mission is to assist Veterans like yourself, in promoting your business and/or services. –
the largest U.S. Veteran Website – receives over 1,000,000 visitors per year.

If you would like more information or to register your business please visit

Thank you for your time and feel free to contact me with any questions. If you have already registered with us,
thank you for your continued support.

And on looking at their directory- I saw one of our VOBOhio members- so I thought, OK- this is legit. I continued to fill out the form- only to find this is nothing other than another attempt to extort money out of Vet Owned Businesses:

Veteran Business Directory Registration–
1. Business Listing – $9.95 per month 2. Business Plus Listing – $22 per month – Includes a link to your website 3. Premium Business Listing – $27 per month – Best Deal
Includes a link to your website
Highlighted in our 80,0000 member newsletter
Receive a free Veteran Business Directory Sticker for your office

We’re already in CCR- and the VA and the SBA’s database- if that’s not enough, now there are vultures like “VetFriends” out trying to bamboozle us out of our hard earned money- to be listed on their lame-o website.



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  • Raymond Krasnick says:

    I also felled for that scam. I gave them $97.00 and all I got was a hat. A very expensive lesson.

  • Chris says:

    I just got ANOTHER email spam from these guys, but I did not know until now that they were ripping people off. I have tried contacting them 4 times to stop sending me their junk and they never respond. Please avoid them and find other sites that are better…!

  • Herb says:

    I joined for (1) month only as stated. They have charged me now for three months. It comes out of my debit from the bank. I E-Mailed them and complained. They said sorry, and said they took me off. I noticed they charged my account for a third time. The bank told me all that they could do is change my account, with a charge. I decided to close my account with the bank.

  • Alex says:

    I randomly came across this post deep in the search engine results. I guess I am surprised to see dissatisfaction with

    I am a lifetime member and really enjoy their services, especially when I was able to locate my buddy Ryan whom I hadn’t talked to in years(1st gulf war).
    Lifetime membership there is 97 bucks which gives you something like a 25% discount on merchandise, plus the ability to locate friends in your unit. Your site charges $120 for a year.

    I find it hard to believe they are out to “bamboozle veterans out of their hard earned money”. If they were I don’t think they would have over 850,000 PROUD Veterans registered with their website

  • Frank says:

    I have had nothing but good luck with I’m a disabled vet and because I’m on a Disability Pension they waved all fee’s for me. I have found 3 very good friends I servered with due to there website.

  • Remember to register, for free, at VA’s database of veteran owned businesses, Vetbiz We’ve also begun our verification program, so go to the site I just listed, and look for the information about verification. You will find the VA 0877 form there, download it, complete it and fax it to VA’s Center for Veterans Enterprise..This database is the ONLY database VA contracting officers are required to use to locate service disabled veter and veteran owned small businesses, and, its free!!

    • D Willard says:

      Deborah Van Dover, a belated thank you for that invaluable information and link to Veterans Affairs, supporting Veteran-owned businesses. That site has improved substantially over the past two years alone and now is very impressive.

      Other Veterans and I have been discussing how there is a phenomenally increasing number of non-Veteran owned businesses whose main goal is to solicit Veterans as a revenue source, evidently exploiting a movement in our Nation to support U.S. Armed Forces and Veterans, previously unseen since WWII.

      I encourage all Veteran-owned businesses to visit the link Deborah was so gracious to provide, and take advantage of the free business services the Veterans Affairs provides. Again, that link is:

      Again, thanks for your efforts and true support Deborah.

      Semper Fi!

  • Ned Herron says:

    I now have had $9.97 deducted from my account for two straight months and tried to cancel the membership within 10 minutes after I signed up with them, They sent me an email and the subject line read, found someone in Sgt. Mooneys basic training that was in with you only to find out that they were just using that as a come on in order to get me so sign up as I had emailed them and said that if there was someone I would sign up. I have heard nothing from them whatsoever and if anyone knows how I can can stop them from taking out monthly charges or who to write or Email please let me know at I have sent several Emails to them at What a shame to rip off us disabled veterans. I have contacted the Indiana State Attorney General about this and I am awaiting a response. Thank YOU.

  • tom walker says:

    I wish I had read these comments before I signed up with VetFriends, it would have saved me $30 minimum. I have been trying for 2 months to get them to stop charging me after I notified them to cancel my membership. They suckered me into paying by emailing me that someone else from the unit I was in had signed up, but I’m out the $30 without finding out who it was! Anyone who figures out how to get out of these automatic monthly charges without changing bank accounts please let me know! To those thinking about paying them….BEWARE!!!!!

  • Rachel says:

    We have created a veteran owned business directory that is absolutely free for all veterans who own their own businesses. The site was just released into Beta on Veteran’s Day 2008.

    We know there are other directories out there that offer listings (whether free or paid). We are not trying to take away from any of them. Our goal is to create a comprehensive, user-friendly site that government agencies, procurement personnel, companies and consumers can use to shop for products and services made by and sold by veterans.

    The site is in Beta so please be patient with us. We have a back log of nearly 2,500 veteran owned businesses we are working around the clock to add. New listings are typically added in less than 24 hours.

    Once again, listings are totally free! Please feel free to pass this along.

    And from one veteran to another, thank you for all you’ve done for our country.

  • Ned Herron says:

    This is to all of you that have gotten taken advantage of by vetfriends. I contacted the Indiana State Attorney Generals office and I also forwarded Tom Walkers Email to Ms. Magnuson at that office. After three months of fighting this is what I finally received after the Indiana State Attorney Generals office contacted them. I received 2 months credit back to my account and my first month was sent back to me on a, LLC check, showing the address at 573 Long Point Road Ste 201, Mount Pleasant, SC. 29464. The phone listed on the check is 856-2863. This fake organization is using the subject lines we send to them to sucker us into joining by sending the same subject lines back to us a couple of months later or so. He actually sent me a letter AND GAVE ME A HAT!, along with my first $9.97 as a check made out to me, He also told the Attorney Generals office he did not receive any of my emails at, which we all know if he had not they would have been returned to me. Contact your personal State Attorney General and then contact the State Attorney General in South Carolina, you can go right on line and fill out the complaint and let’s as a team put an end to an individual that takes advantage of us Veterans. Go Get Em Guys!!

  • David Esrati says:

    Hi Ned,
    Thanks for taking point- this is how Veterans work together as a team!

  • I just recently ordered something off of their website, actually one week ago. They were quick to charge my credit card; however each time I check my order status it has not shipped. I have attempted on several occasions to contact them but only get voice mail and they never return any calls or emails. Did I get ripped off? If so, these scum bags should be thrown underneath the jail for scamming Vets like myself.

  • Ned Herron says:

    If any of you fellow Veterans need help getting your money back from vet friends please feel free to Email me at and we will get together a class action law suit and get this rip off organization taken care of once and for all.

  • Has anyone ever ordered anything online from If so, please let me know if your order was filled in a timely manner or not.

    Thank you.

  • Lori says:

    Yesterday as I was checking my bank balance on line, I found a payment taken out for vet friends. I did not authorize this payment. Now I can not get ahold of anyone to talk to about this. When I call the phone number that is listed on the bank statement it gives me an e-mail that won’t go through. So watch your bank statements!!!!!!!

  • I ordered dog tags from these guys almost 2 weeks ago and have not recieved them yet. I smell scam,these guys should be prosecuted to the fullest.

  • Gregg says:

    It appears that the VetFriends website is down…

    A couple of years ago, I was in touch with them. Received kind and prompt replies, etc. I didn’t sign-up as my ‘$s’ had other priorities. The listings I followed on the VetFriends website, for those who signed-up, appeared regular and I assumed that all was going ok (?).

    Are they (he/she) vets? Disabled vets by any chance? Could there be reasons othe rthan “scam” for the problems you guys, and gals, have had?

    Charging for a service, for me, seems normal in today’s society vet or not. I believe everyone who listed was in the business for profits no? Free, today, scares me to death! It seems impossible for two reasons: costs involved and time. We offer Vets and Their Immediate Family Members ‘no fee memberhsip’ as ‘Consumers’ in our project. However, Vet Businesses have a 50% discount > which is good. But free to a business? Non profits charge or beg for donations also… someone has to pay the bills.

    Orders online have 30 days to ship no?

    850,000 listings seems like a heck of a lot of work… which if not totally automatic (technologically speaking) could be a problem; and technology has glinches also.

    Seems some have problems and others are fine with the services (?).

    Sorry. I believe in ‘benefit of the doubt’… Reasons for the problems????

    Take care.
    USMC Vet / ’64-’70 / Vietnam ’67-’68 DMZ / Sgt. E-5

  • Michelle says:

    Hey Greg,

    If you ever have problems with the VetFriends website all you have to do is e-mail them. I received this service for my father whom was in the Navy, and I have received nothing but the best in customer service from them. I have also now that they have a provide support chat service available, which is quick and easy. I am sure with all those members that they have server issues at times, but in past experiences they work quickly to get the issue resolved.

  • Hello & a standing salute to all my fellow veterans,,I got involved with vetfriends last week,,only took the basic 1 month deal.. Now this week their site won’t let me use my password,,it keeps routing me to sign up & pay again..All i’ve seen so far is 4 sale stuff & i can not get thru 2 them ,,even with the address their newsletter site sent me 2 use..Be wise,,I only use a prepaid visa debit card,,I never give anyone my bank info,,& only put money on the card that i’m using right then,,if there is a problem,,trash it & get another one,,,,,,anyway,,my butt is chapped on both sides with these people…A lot of us vets have it tough enough without ,,just was hoping 2 find a few lost buddies,,20th eng,bgd..west of Cam Rahn{Dong Ba Tin]support chopper unit 71-72…email,,,,,,,C YA <<ADCII

  • mike says:

    I ordered items from vet friends over two months ago for a Veterans day service, but I have not received anything at this time. I called many times and got a recording and no call back. I guess this company has very little regard for the fellow vet only when they want to at their time only. I guess the veterans at the veterans day program will have to do with out their gifts. I wish I would have went else where, maybe someone else cares… Mike

  • David says:

    Yea I have had problems with this site since late August. I thought that this site was a great site, and the customer service representative that they had was very helpful. Something must have happened because the service that I used to receive I no longer get. I am so over this site. I think that they are only in it for the money, and that they don’t care about their customers. I am going to start taking my businesses elsewhere. is no friend of mine.
    Mike maybe you should consider calling your bank to get your money back seeing has how they don’t care to give you your products. Good luck on finding a better site, and if I find something I will be sure to pass the word on.

  • Gregg says:

    “Something must have happened..” < Interesting forthought no? If so, what? If so > compassion, patience, and comprehension? Finding out what? Maybe, if hard problems exist = helping?
    ??? Is he a Vet like most of us?
    Semper Fi!

  • David says:

    If he is a Vet than we can be grateful for his service to our country, but that does not excuse bad service and not getting products out to customers that were paid for. Especially now he should be grateful that his website is still up and running, and that he does have customers. Compassion and Patience can only go so far in a business world.
    Maybe he is regretting whatever he did that changed is customer service and turn around time, and maybe he is trying to work through the change… but two months is a little long to be waiting for products with no word or notice no matter what the circumstance.

  • Gregg says:

    Hi David,
    not denying your rights. Confused. There are many who defend his services as being tops. I have never had a problem communicating with him (them) and I have never even entered in as a paid member.
    Try his Facebook account: Please start from scratch with your issue. There could be reasons beyond his knowledge of the problem to. In other words, tact and compassion on Facebook.

  • Gregg says:

    Oh! My sincerest Best Wishes for Veteran’s Day too… to all of you.

  • Gregg says:

    For some reason, the last alert I received popped back-up as a new message; so, it brought me back to this discussion.

    I read over the initial complaint above, and I find it somewhat off the beaten path of reality with regards to someone in business asking a Vet to pay for their services. Try asking your product suppliers for free merchandise and free shipping and handling because you are a Veteran. That would be a laugh.

    Yes, there are Veteran services available. Hopefully, beyond what I experienced the VA to be with regards to support in the 60’s and 70’s and 80’s. However, there does exist a freedom of choice. At least, I believe that is why I spent 13 months on the DMZ in Vietnam in ’67 and ’68. Plus 6 years in the Marines as a total. If the services any company offers are acceptable – we vets should pay for them, if we desire to participate. That’s business! If I come to your company, store, etc. and ask for merchandise or services as a Veteran… will you give it all to me free? If so, where are you and what do you sell / do that I can take away free?

    How many Veteran businesses live off 100% off of Veterans? We are in business within Society as a whole. I personally am pioneering a project that offers a business more than most could ever dream of affording. I have, with my partner elected to offer Consumer Membership to Veterans (Military, Police, Fire Departments) and their immediate family members on a no-membership fee basis.¬† For businesses and professionals, we dropped a $3,500.00 (5 year term) commercial membership fee down to $100.00 for Veterans (no response, so now the same offer is part or our Pioneer Membership Recruiting Campaign to all businesses. The later lasts until 31 January 2010 and the Fees bounce up to those established as standard ($3,500.00). The Vet’s offer will continue on at the $100.00.

    Our project offers things no other Vet support agency offers… to everyone. We consider Veterans an integral part of America’s Population of Citizens. They should to. Business should be reciprocal in its philosophy.

    There is no reason whatsoever, that we business owners shouldn’t ask a fee for what we offer from vets or anyone else. Obviously, on a choice of take it or leave it. This is business, not a crime… rip-off… fraud… or the like. I am not a Veteran to get freebies from other Vets. But, if I can, to help them in the best way I can acquire that, which I offer on the open market (a $3,400.00 veteran’s discount isn’t bad).

    Those who seek free… from fellow Veterans, should question their relationship within Veterans in general. I prefer to support a Veteran Business, and help the win here, back in Society.

    I guess for some of you, I am a rip-off to. And, just because I have a small fee for my services? That’s your problem, not mine. And not Obviously, if, in fact, they are not providing that, which you purchased – this is another story. However, so many are extremely happy as Members.

    Have a Great Day!


  • Hello One and All,
    We have gotten several emails and posts on our Facebook page recently complaining about past issues related to payments made, charges, etc.  I think there has been some major confusion.

    PLEASE NOTE: we are  Listings in our directory is absolutely free!  And while we do offer enhanced listings, free listings get the same exact profile (minus a logo and a few other things).  We have a support department and a toll free number.  We have never received anything but praise for our directory and continue to market it in order to drive more purchasers, consumers and fellow veterans to it. 

    I believe somebody may have found our Facebook Fan page by accident and assumed we were the directory behind all of the past negative comments.  While we will not knock other directories, I assure you the 1000s of development and marketing hours behind our free project were done with the intention of building a comprehensive, user friendly way for purchasing agents, businesses, consumers and fellow veterans to search for products that are unique in the fact that they are all made by, serviced by and/or sold by United States veterans, active duty military, reservists and service disabled veterans.

    While we can certainly understand how it can be confusing (we just put out a press release yesterday), we ask that you please visit our directory: and see for yourself that we are in fact NOT the directory mentioned in this thread.¬† Also, please be sure to sign your business up if it fits our criteria and you’d like to join nearly 2,500 other veteran owned businesses; many of whom have already received phone calls and/or emails from buyers!¬†

    Thank You,
    Founder and President
    Owned and Operated by U.S. Military Veterans

  • David Esrati says:

    AGAIN- there is no need to PAY anyone to be listed in CCR or

    The rest of these sites, including are trying to turn your vob status into a business model. If you want to join and pay for membership- try NaVOBA which is at least working to lobby congress and states for legal status and the adherence to the 3% SDVOB set-aside.

    If you want to be found online, try building a site using WordPress and updating it often- it has better chance of helping you connect than any of these listing sites.

  • VetFriends says:

    Hello everyone РI am an employee at and have been for about 1.5 years.  The original article about our services was written in 2007 and I would just like to address some of the issues that have come up in the comments.

    We apologize for any inconvenience in service or representation but I can ASSURE you we are NOT out to rip off Veterans as we ARE Veterans or come from famalies with Veterans in their blood line.¬† The money that comes in goes to supporting our Very Large veteran community (we are almost up to 1 million members), Maintaining the website which has over 2 million pages, donating a percentage of what we make to Veteran Charities and organizations¬†and paying average salaries to our staff…and our staff has been depleted like many companies across the nation¬†due to the Economy.

    This is an expanding project and technology does not come cheaply.¬† We were originally free, but advertisers simply weren’t paying enough to maintain the staff, we weren’t able to get enough donations and are not subsidized by the government.¬† Over 5,000 internet companies have disappeared in the last 3 years because of their inability to pay their bills — we’d like to not be one of them.¬† We’ve tried to keep the price down, however.

    We do charge $9.97 a month (which is stated when you signup as a re-occuring payment) to search our database of records which totals almost 1 million Veterans amongst the other gifts and benefits you receive with a membership.

    With this membership level you also receive 10% off All catalog/military pride orders plus a free pin And access to all 2 million webpages on our site.

    We also do not charge you, our Veterans, TAX on ANY ITEM.

    For $97 you can become a LIFETIME Member, with this you have access Forever! You also will receive in the mail a Free Hat, Pin and License Plate Frame. PLUS 25% OFF all catalog/military pride items forever (You must be logged in). This is a fantastic deal and may be something that could be going away in the next Year so please do take advantage.

    Our membership prices are cheaper than MOST online or offline Veteran Organizations.  We are the LARGEST website out there for reuniting military Veterans and when searching for someone we must work off of those 1 million members/records. 

    On the catalog items that we ship out, we¬†state to please allow¬†3-7 days¬†business days for us to process your order and many of our items are special order items which¬†are marked “Special Order – Please allow¬†2 weeks”¬†for shipping.¬† We aspire to be as quick on shipping¬†as, Wal-mart or Target but again are¬†understaffed.¬† We know that getting items to our customers is important and something that we need to work on and have started taking the necessary steps to correct this issue. We also state that we have a “60 day money back no questions asked guarantee”¬†

    We get calls from people whom are unsattisfied with our services and that is fine because it is hard to make everyone happy.  You can cancel your membership at any time and 9 out of 10 times will give a refund rather than dispute the charges. 

    I promise we are not scam artists or a rip-off and we certainly aren’t “Scumbags” as someone pointed out.¬†

    We have reunited thousands of Veterans and have received tons of fan mail, praise and thanks for doing so.  You can view some of our favorite and heartwarming stories at

    Anyone who feels wronged or unsattisfied¬†with us can email us at with the subject line “Veteran Friends For Life” and we will send you a Free hat for any inconvenience.

    Thank You For Your Support and We Hope Everyone Had a Wonderful Veterans Day! We had an all time record visits on Veterans Day and Thank Everyone For It. We take pride in trying to make every day like Veterans Day on our website and spreading the word across the nation.¬† That is why we set up a National Veterans Day Parade Directory for Every State.¬† Google “Ohio or any state” + Veterans Day Parades and you are sure to find our listings and your parade (If you submitted it).¬† That is the kind of exposure we are trying to bring and we Love You All!


  • David says:

    Its so great to hear from an employee from, but I have to say that your auto response just doesn’t do it for me. But who I am to judge, trash talk, or keep people from using the site.

    All feelings aside negative or positive… your comment does not change my opinion and does not make me want to change my mind and use your site again. I stick by my thoughts on not using your site.

  • Rob says:

    I also ordered some merchandise from about two weeks ago that were items meant to be Christmas gifts. Two days before Christmas, still not having received my purchase, I went to their website to send a message via their support page to inquire when I would be receiving the items. While on their website, I clicked on the link regarding previous orders and discovered (much like someone else who posted a comment here) that the items had not been shipped and the order was not even completed! When I placed the order there was nothing mentioned about special orders or anything else and they didn’t waste any time charging my credit card that same day… I sent them an email and I’ll wait to see what their response is after the holiday weekend. After that, it may be time to put what I do for a living (fraud investigator) into motion…
    Semper Fi,

  • James Howard says:

    I to am very disatisfied with vetfriends, i made an order in December and still havnt recieved my merchandise or a recredit to my card, which i asked for, but what really sucks is that ive contacted them VIA there customer support on their website 5 times and still havnt heard a word except that theyll look into my inquiery please wait 1 to 2 buisiness days. This is really iritating, does anyone have a direct phone number to these fools i cant stand not being able to talk to a live person.

  • Gregg says:

    I receive the posts via eMail, so I am back here again.

    There is an incredible 2-sided story going on here. Dissatisfaction and frustration being one side; and, on the other side, maximum satisfaction and praise. This adds up to, seemingly, an apparent problem with regards to servicing the numbers of registrants, orders, etc. on the part of > and apparently not intentional wrongdoing.

    Can’t anyone there in the States check-out the business registry for the Owners and obtain the phone numbers? I believe that this would solve everyone’s problems…

    Maybe, because I believe these guys or gals are also Vets, prefer FACTS before CRUCIFIXIONS…

    Don’t get ulcers over this…
    The Best 2 All of You!

  • James Howard says:

    Has anyone ever heard from a real person at this place and recieved a good reason why we should continue with vetfriends, all i ever get is join now, or big sale, but they dont really sell nothing that you cant get from a pawn shop around base, im really hating that i ever ordered or became a member with vetfriends, but thats the way it is in the land of money first.

    Rangers Lead The Way

  • Larry Lindley says:

    I also feel I have been taken as the saying goes let the buyer beware God will take care of those who take the Vets.Welcome Home to all Vets

  • Gregg says:

    “I also feel…”

  • Gregg says:

    Anyone ever tried communicating with the VetFriends active clients??? > on the site???

  • Larry Lindley says:

    Yes and no luck.May the teeth of a thousand Dogs Bite them in there ASS.

  • Rob says:

    Well, I finally did receive my order (about one month after the order)from them. After sending the email via their support site and calling two separate phone numbers that I tracked down (had to leave messages), someone called back, apologized and said they were really busy with all the holiday orders as well as one of the items being on back order because of it being an xxl size (if that was the case, they should have mentioned that when the order was placed.) Oh, and he said they were including a free hat because of the delay (which was supposed to be thrown in at the time of order due to the amount spent.)

    Sorry, I’ve already thrown away all the papers containing all the research I did (physical address- a little multi suite office building; phone numbers; company owners home phone and address; incorporation records; etc…) The guy that owns the company is also listed as the president for company (same physical address as vetfriends) called Virtual Fitness Coach. Their website lists his bio as follows:
    “Dale Sutcliffe, President
    Dale Sutcliffe gained extensive executive and marketing experience in building, the most popular web site in the U.S. for reuniting military veterans and networking veteran-owned businesses.
    Launched in 2000, has received over 10,000,000 visitors with nearly 1,000,000 enrolled members. The company‚Äôs web site is ranked in the top 5% of the most visited U.S. web sites. A veteran of the U.S. Marines, Dale earned a degree from the University of California, San Diego, and has consulted to Akamai Technologies during the largest IPO ever and to Fidelity Investments in Boston.”

    I also did some checking in So. Carolina (where they are located) and found that VetFriends has a D+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, which they are not a member of. There were a total eleven complaints to the BBB about Vetfriends and I believe all of them had been settled.

    If I didn’t get action at the level I did, I was prepared to increase my pressure by calling the owner at home, sending him correspondence or contacting his other business to get some action… Little increasing steps, but done professionally until I received some answers. Best of luck guys. Oh, I just realized I do have a name and phone number from some email strings, maybe it will help. Try this:
    Customer Relations/
    Business Directory Account Manager
    537 Long Point Rd. Suite 201
    Mt. Pleasant, SC 29464

  • Rob says:

    fyi, the name and address I put at the bottom of my message above is not my info, it is from the bottom of the guy (Matt) at VetFriends email…

  • Gregg says:

    Glad it worked out well for you…
    Note: I believe internet law states that merchandise ordered via by internet must be shipped within 30 days of the order being processed / paid for etc. And that, is there requires more time > a communication of some sorts stating the same.

    +/- 30 days seems valid. The ‘free hat’? Critical issue? The apology is the key factor. Complaints? If you enter into business > you are destined to have complaints from this so-called Society. Look at us as Vets alone. Valid complaints would / should yield appropriate legal action by those in authority. Others get explained to, or overlooked by, by those same authorities. BBB is great… Howvever not obligatory > and it costs money > thus raising prices to the end-customer.

    Let’s give US Vets a break eh! We deserve it… and the data you provided states clearly that Dale Sutcliffe is not only trying to do something good; but also, is fairly successful in doing so.


  • David Esrati says:

    I’ve installed the comment rating plugin so you can manage and rate each others comments.

  • David Esrati says:

    Top- this site has nothing to do with Vet Friends- unfortunately you found them before you found us-
    You should contact your bank and ask for an investigation.

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